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Double Fronts in Warzone: 8/10/2022 14:15:28

Samurai Jack 
Level 55
Thought Alexclusive did a great job of explaining a Double Front in my interview with him, so I made this video to illustrate.

Hope you enjoy!

Double Fronts in Warzone: 8/10/2022 14:16:09

Level 47
what the hell
Double Fronts in Warzone: 8/10/2022 15:45:31

Level 62
Most people play on L-0, meaning they will defend the better (if they can see it).
Most "strategic" players play on L-1, meaning they will defend the worse one.

If you are forked and have enough delays, you can defend both territories by defending one and then transferring/ attacking the other late order. That tactic usually only works with a few armies (3 + taps) or if the enemy splits. Or if the bonus is not extremely important to you, the tactic lets you kill enemy troops with a good ratio and chance to defend it.

I strongly suggest not evenly splitting armies, both while forking and while being forked. This usually leads to losing far more armies than the enemy, putting you in troop disadvantage next turn.

Edited 8/10/2022 15:48:02
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