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A Cool Game (Repost for Off-Topic): 7/20/2013 15:37:02

Level 26
A Cool Game: 07/14/2013 09:50:42

{101st} KGB138! Our Lady of Sorrow Hey Warlight forum, I would like to share a really cool strategy game I found online. It's an app for Apple products, so you would need an Ipad,Iphone,Ipod,ect. to play it. The name of the app is World Conqueror Two. The game centers around World War Two and the Cold War. You play as the Allies or the Axis powers at first, playing many famous campaigns such as Operation Overlord, Operation Sea-Lion, Battle of Kursk, Battle of Miday, Invasion of Italy, Invasion of France, and Poland, ect. You play as the Commander, who you are able to level up, by winning campaigns and earning medals. Medals can be used to upgrade your Commander or other forces.

I can't describe the gameplay other then: You get money for the cities and industries you have in your territories. You spend your money and production on whatever unit you want, and use it and other units to destroy your enemy. The objective is to conquer all of your enemies land territory.

THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT!!!!!!!! I am no getting paid, I just want other people to be aware of a good game. And there is a multiplayer feature that is great, but, because of lack of players, it is hardly used. So just give the game a try.

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