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What happens to tournaments that will never start?: 7/12/2013 04:02:52

Level 59

That tournament was made over a year ago and Lolowut made it son only he could invite people. He is now inactive and all players have declined or accepted. There is no way this tournament will ever be started or deleted until Lolowut comes back to warlight, if he ever does.


This tournament is from 3 years ago and it is not anywhere close to starting.

Another one that is nearly 3 years old.

is 1 1/2 years old.

There are a lot of other tournaments like this too. I want to know why this has never been fixed. It was added to games but not tournaments. I understand that it is not a big problem like the games were but I still think it is kinda annoying to see these when I change my tournament filters.

Could Fizzer maybe delete them like he does after 100 days with games? But with tournaments he could wait a full year. Or something along those lines.
What happens to tournaments that will never start?: 7/12/2013 06:07:37

Level 60
I'm sure if those 3 year old ones even filled somehow, the amount of inactive players would be off the charts.
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