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reportable clan names: 7/16/2022 10:13:44

Marquis de Sade
Level 43
I like how Fizzer banned Chickenwang, the creator of the clan "darkie poachers" for racism but did nothing against the "fifth column Confederation" which are basically Neonazis
reportable clan names: 7/16/2022 10:51:09

Level 57
what?! that's so unfair. Fifth column is basically saying "we are nazos" and they get away with it?!
wtf Fizzer? Either ban both or none
reportable clan names: 7/16/2022 10:54:25

Rpst on parole
Level 19
lol what else did you expect from that Fizzer boy?! It is OK for an account to be named Hitler, who was responsible for millions of deaths, but if you choose dickwang (which is basically making fun of yourself) your account gets suspended and you are forced to change your name

Edited 7/16/2022 11:46:14
reportable clan names: 7/16/2022 18:19:42

Meow Meow I'm A Panther
Level 59
Oh my god
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