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Idle Battle: 7/9/2022 00:36:34

I am Groot 
Level 60
I'm not doing very well at the battles.

Any tips how to increase income and what artifacts are best to have for the battles?

Thanks for you input. I will work to get the artifacts available.

By the way, is there a way to see how many battle points you have earned?

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Idle Battle: 7/9/2022 00:37:31

Level 61
have epic or greater supercharge army camp and time warp artifacts. upgrade increased army camp production and a lot of the auto-advancements
Idle Battle: 7/9/2022 00:38:35

Level 58
SAC is necessary, I've seen people use TW to get far ahead of others, but idk lol
Well looks like someone was faster than me to respond

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Idle Battle: 7/9/2022 01:17:02

Level 62
don't bother slowing your progress with SAC. It took me a while, but it is possible to win without it
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