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Second Ascension Statistics: 7/7/2022 15:40:04

Level 60
Follow-up from https://www.warzone.com/Forum/623048-first-ascension-statistics

After another 47 days, I just finished my second ascension (so my goal of cutting time by half reached).

Here are my stats:
* played every single map except for both trisks
* some maps played twice because they were so easy and fast and gave good AP/h

* IACP maxed (I know this is stupid but I was almost there, so I just finished the last few lvls)
* Increased Cache Money maxed
* JS maxed
* Additional mercs maxed
* Statistics maxed

* Auto-Conquer maxed (together with my IACP and a rare SAC artifact made me win several Idle Battles easily even without any TW)
* Merc discount maxed
* IAV maxed
* Increased AP maxed

* Skip leves 1
* Start with tech 4
* Market visibility maxed (just for convenience)
* Tech discount maxed

I am still missing 7k AP to unlock phase 4.

Unfortunately, I was really unlucky with digging for epics and didnt get ANY :'(, so I am stuck with more or less the same setup as I started this run:
* leg TS, epic AV, many rares and a few epics (which will be fodder for my leg AV)
* missing any TW :'(

Goal for next run:
* open up phase 4
* and finally get that freaking AV to leg
* and finally get any level of TW
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