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First Legendary Alloy Values: 7/3/2022 04:55:48

Doctor K 
Level 61
Now that I have Legendary Alloy Values, I wish I had done it first.
My First was Supercharge Army Camp. That did help me win the Idle Battle. As a reward, I got a nice Epic increase money cache.

Now that I have the Legendary Alloy Values, I wish I had done that first.
With about 70,000 points, I have maxed out anything to do with mercenaries, and Seven visible merchants.
Now strategy is to:
- Leap from Merchant to Merchant, using Mercenaries to get there.
- Fill out tech tree with available supplies from Merchants, focusing on Mercenaries and Hospital Related, Army generation and ore generation, and of course sell values.
- Develop mines only to Aluminum, Silver and Gold. Not much after that. Sell all Ore greater than Gold to generate Cash
- Develop All hospitals are developed with available Cash. For maximum using 2 hour waiting periods, or possibly time warps to finish hospitals. so best to do before a break.

There are generally enough mercenaries with the tech boosts to finish the level, so speed is just question of Cash. How fast do you want to go?

Use the merchants to generate cash,

Edited 7/3/2022 05:06:33
First Legendary Alloy Values: 7/3/2022 05:04:43

Doctor K 
Level 61
Also would not repeat these:
- Australia. The multiple zooms on cities are confusing to me.
- United States -- see discussion here. https://www.warzone.com/Forum/624508-united-states-idle-map-offer-improvements

What's on your list to not repeat which maps?
First Legendary Alloy Values: 7/3/2022 21:31:07

Level 25
Not really aspects that make me not wanting to play them again, but as you stated the question, I wanted to mention two aspects that I dislike where they appear:
- Given that JS is hands down the single most impactful advancement, I dislike if maps (both the territories and the idle-specific level generator) don't work well with JS in too many instances. Triskelion is one such example where the map itself doesn't work well with JS. Breaking Green was as far as I remember the first map where the level generator created some ridiculous scenarious where you were almost forced to not use JS relatively often because either there was no option for JS at all or the path that respected JS would have meant to accumulate a lot of armies to take larger territories first, therefore blocking off huge parts of the map at first.
- The other aspect of idle where about half the maps fall short is map quality. And I mean that in a very specific way. See, I - from time to time - watch AbsolutelyEthan's map making streams. Sure, those Kate Upton maps aren't of any Intellectual value. But each time you can watch him meticulously cut the territories from the bonuses. That's real craftsmanship. But about half the maps that were selected for idle are cheap in comparison. Just select random territories from these maps and (what feels like) every other territory's "selection border" (the brushed line in your account color) is a mess. Either some parts of the territory have no selection border-line at all, or the line is running who knows where. As you mentioned this map yourself, I tried to spot an example on Australia, but the best I could find this quickly was Lismore just south of the green eastern cut out "Southeast Queensland". But there definitely are much worse instances as well. At times the border doesn't even follow the dividing llines of neighboring territories (like in the case of Lismore) but straight through the neighboring territories. And then, or course, there are the maps that weren't updated for several years that still to this day miss some connections that obviously were meant to be there (where clearly neighboring territories aren't reachable from each other).
First Legendary Alloy Values: 7/7/2022 23:30:36

Doctor K 
Level 61
Triskelion is hard because of the limited Joint Strike opportunities on much of the map.
Would add the Scandinavia and nordic countries to that list as well. Many of the choke points are expensive without JS
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