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Zengarian Elitists (Zen) Clan NOW OPEN: 6/28/2022 16:50:36

Major Tom
Level 24
This is Major Tom to Ground Control.

I'm pleased to announce that the clan '|Zen|' has opened. Everything is written up, definitely short and sweet but that's the best way, of course.

Clan Page Link: https://bit.ly/3Oy9cbZ

If you have ANY questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. And if you see room for improvement right off the bat, I will take it in, too. Please just don't be too harsh or anything. After all, this is my first time with the whole Clan thing.

Zengarian Elitists (Zen) Clan NOW OPEN: 6/28/2022 16:56:45

Level 62
Major Tom, to encourage people joining, what would you say your clan offers that people might not be able to find in other options, or at least what is the clan's focus?

Good luck :-)

Edited 6/28/2022 16:57:03
Zengarian Elitists (Zen) Clan NOW OPEN: 6/28/2022 19:07:39

Major Tom
Level 24
The Clan's focus: Skill Development, Improvement, and Mastering along with Major Team Building in a Unique Way

How do I mean?
I mean for members to become better from playing against each other and learning each other's play style by playing different team games.

CLOT Ladders, I feel, are a fairly common thing inside clans, but nevertheless, I wish to use them to allow the player's skills to further develop.

As for the team building side of things, along with learning the other people's play style, having team games that have the different divisions (divided between strategy and diplomacy) go against each other is a must-have. But I also want to have mixed team games. People from strategy divisions and diplo divisions team up against other mixed teams in the clan. I feel like if they can learn how to have the skillset of both strategy and diplomacy, that will make them an excellent player.

(This said, I'm not excluding myself from it all because practice is always valuable, and more practice is something that wouldn't be bad in any way for myself.)
Zengarian Elitists (Zen) Clan NOW OPEN: 7/10/2022 07:53:12

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧Cupcake ^ω^
Level 59
love the enthusiasm Tom! I like to see that you truly appreciate the game!

however here's the real question: is there gonna be a mandatory hour of Bowie listening and appreciation?! if not I'm not joining!

And well... building a community is really hard, and not to disqualify you but there are a lot of competition out there, more experienced clans with active communities and mixed diplo/strat players don't always want to play together afaik. Your clan sounds ambitious but managing too many divisions could be stressful and time consuming for just one leader! Maybe focus in something smaller first while you start building a base of players and then knit tight group of friends? Also give more concrete format and structure to the events you mentioned, like "PR Division" "Strat tourney Fridays" "Diplo weekday"

Well it's just my take, good day and good luck with your clan!
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