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Draft Size artifact is useless after the ADVc: 6/26/2022 22:24:39

Level 26
Really disappointed in this artifact (RARE) now.

Before I unlocked T4 I was saving AP for item value. I looked into the file that shows how much every advancement cost and saw how cheap some utility stuff was so I got a bunch of them instead, including draft to 300 (since it only costs 3405 total). But that made the artifact useless... barely makes any difference. What does 16% do when you have a +300 boost. Even the in game tech is 20%.
Did some testing and its just pathetic:
Without artifact: 8.48 b.
With artifact: 8.81 b.
And these are insane high numbers, the highest I got so far ever. For other maps it would be even pointless.

At least I can use it to upgrade my second epic. Thats nice I guess. (I dont count the free epic triple strike).
I would keep it, but since I intend to SASc one day, its pointless (should also get rid of my uncommon TW, QuadS, tech discount, and others, that I wont be able to keep so are not worth upgrading).

I starting to realize more and more, some artifacts are nice to have, but not good enough to upgrade since SASc only lets you "keep the best". I don't like that. But I like SASc idea... its a dilema.

EDIT: This is just some random thoughts and rumblings, there's no point in here.

Edited 6/26/2022 22:25:37
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