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Game Type: 7/2/2013 22:10:08

Level 19
Hi there, this is my first post on the forum and I just had an idea for a game type.
For those of you familiar with age of empires you may remember a mode where if you kill the enemy's king then you win and I thought this idea could be applied into warlight. If at the start of the game you could manually assign a player as your king player, then it would give a new dynamic as you could choose to protect or maybe have the king attack lots and make the opponents think your king is someone else. Obviously you have to be trustworthy in saying when your king is dead otherwise this wouldn't work but just an idea.

Any Comments?
Game Type: 7/3/2013 03:06:02

Level 48
Soo, a team vs team game and both teams have secretely chosen one of them as king and they lose when he gets eliminated ?

In normal settings the game is decided before any player gets eliminated, so i would suggest a small map with high base-income and modest to none income from territories/bonuses.

If you could convince someone to make a map for it i would suggest a few islands with bonuses and no connections to other territories(or each other) to be given to (non-king)players to boost their income higher compared to the kings.

Biggest problem i see: you have to forbid transfer of troops between allies.
Game Type: 7/3/2013 04:41:49

Level 58
dont think assigning a player as your 'king' is a good idea, maybe assigning a specific territory as your capital, and if you lose that territory, you lose?
Game Type: 7/3/2013 04:49:29

Level 51
i agree with pulsey, the king idea wouldnt work because games are decided before players are eliminated, but the capital idea would be cool, although i have played some games with capitals before, where the player losing his capital for three turns is the capturers puppet state
Game Type: 7/3/2013 04:53:59

Level 60
Rp clan did this format already. Unfortunately they used multi atack and it didnt go well
Game Type: 7/3/2013 07:46:31

{rp} GeneralGror
Level 58
That setting in AoE is called Regicide. :)
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