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Suggestion: Map Playlists and Random: 6/20/2022 05:49:32

Level 57
I have a suggestion that I believe would make Warzone more fun to play by introducing map diversity while also encouraging new map creation. These suggestions are largely geared towards the real time experience.


I really love Warzone. I'll play back to back Paultec's or RoR's without much issue. But this has lead to me noticing 2 main problems that I think are antithetical to the ideal multiplayer experience. (1) over time, the pool of available games becomes quite narrow in game type and map and as a result, new game types and maps can be almost user hostile with how surprising it can be to play a game that is unlike the norm, such as multi-attack games or geometry maps. Warzone has such an awesome engine behind it, it's a shame that so many features are paywalled or hidden away in the settings when the customization Warzone offers such a wide range of gametypes. (2) the players that exclusively play a certain game type, such as Paultec or RoR, tend to be pretty abrasive towards new players who have not yet mastered the methodology of playing that map, such as a perfect RoR start. Warzone is such an accessible game for new players but at times can feel a bit like playing an RTS with a raging teammate: toxic.

Map Playlists

Map playlists would be a user-generated list of maps + settings (global or specified) that would play back to back with the initial lobby. If the lobby loses player(s), then the game returns to the Open Games page to fill.

Random Map

This would be a sub setting for map playlists, which acts as you would expect: the map playlist serves as a pool and the map that is played is selected at random. This feature would not work well with specified settings, but as a result this would generate really well rounded playlists over time.

This is how I see Warzone: Warzone is to Risk as Garrysmod is to Half Life 2. I'm sure my suggestion is not the first of its kind but I figured, why not post it, perhaps something fun will happen.
Suggestion: Map Playlists and Random: 6/20/2022 08:09:03

Level 62
The problem with your suggestion is the lack of players. It's sometimes rather difficult to find a person for a 1v1 RT game with a new template, filling a 3v3 on new settings is almost impossible. Everything is in QM.

This only leaves Multi-Day arenas, ask the CLOT guys for that (https://discord.gg/NhqWedmb).
Though a friendly reminder, I made a Ladder with just FB on it and got like... 8 players on its peak.

Edited 6/20/2022 08:10:50
Suggestion: Map Playlists and Random: 6/23/2022 05:06:32

Level 57
It is difficult to get players, but I think this could be a solution for it.

The philosophy of "get players into a game as quickly as possible" rings true for essentially all games. When its difficult to get into a game or to select a game, players leave.

Fizzler did a great job addressing that with quick matches (among other things). This idea is to apply that same grease to a different wheel: the open game wheel.

In addition, what this idea does is reward players who find good lobbies, while keeping those lobbies going for longer.
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