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Boot Delay?: 8/21/2010 21:55:44

Level 10
A thought has occured to me since my last booting, lol.

Some players, including myself, at times maybe know when playing a 5min boot that they may have to leave for a bit more than 5 min.

We're talking maybe 10 min.

Now I myself always make my games 5 min to vote and 10 min direct boot for this reason, but I don't always start the games.

I think for instance if a player is a bit sick and says they may need an extension if they need to use the bathroom the following may apply:

Delay Boot Card, one card for default may be available for a player to use for the following turn to give him/herself more time, let's say double. In game settings a host can choose the number of delay cards players can use.

Vote to Delay, a player asks the other players to allow him to leave for an extended period, let's say the default is double the initial boot time, all players vote yes and he/she gets extended time.

This would be useful for players who have a reason, I have certainly been in games where all the players are considerate and fair, and I'm not going to judge anyone, but sometimes players aren't sure what happened to a player, maybe they just quit and that's understandable, so maybe having this in place would help better the quality of some games, particularly with fast boot times.
Boot Delay?: 8/22/2010 21:44:20

Matma Rex 
Level 12
Cards are meant as "extensuions" to the game, not to things like booting.

What you are looking for is sliding boot times.
Boot Delay?: 8/23/2010 05:07:52

Level 10
Sliding boot times have some major flaws in that players can sometimes have a very long time to make their first move.

Like in my 12 hour boot game the first boot can only be made after 3 days after the player has made his first move quickly.
Boot Delay?: 8/23/2010 18:38:34

Smarty Pantssss
Level 2
i have played in many games where everyone agrees not to boot until double the boot time or something like tht. also i was just playing a game in a tourney and someone was getting married so he said dont boot me and we said ok. then i check back today and someone booted him. it wasnt me. but id like to know who it was that was a douche and booted him. sliding boot times dont really work so well. id like a 'majority vote' boot setting. this way in a 5 v 5 lets say 2 ppl arent showing up u cant vote them both off.
Boot Delay?: 8/24/2010 18:21:49

Level 44
I agree with marisbest2. I've played games where I was booted becasue 5 min was not enough time for me to think about next moves and submit all orders and finnaly I got booted by player which was loosing his ground to me. I think direct boot option should be replaced with more-than-half voting model, leaving direct boot for really extreme situations.

And btw hi everyone - my first post here.
Boot Delay?: 9/3/2010 01:58:31

Level 3
Just a simple information of WHO booted a player would be useful as well, only to be able to add him on your blacklists or something. Sometimes the booting guys are really annoying, especially after you kindly asked them if you're allowed to spend some more time in the toilet, they agreed, but still booted you - and you'll never find out which one of them is the jackass.
Boot Delay?: 9/3/2010 04:35:35

Level 10
I also agree with major boot rather than direct boot.

However the problem arises when there are say 3 players, either left or that's the game setting.

2 players may team up and simply vote off the player.

It should only apply 4+ player games.
Boot Delay?: 9/3/2010 07:49:19

Level 55
emperor you might want to switch your name just a heads up. and i like the idea of being able to see who boots that way we know who the douche in our game was that booted the guy who got married (or at least claimed he was getting married for all we know he was in vegas)
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