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Diplomacy set up.: 6/28/2013 04:32:17

À la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 35
Diplomacy set up is very popular, especially with more casual WL players. His users are constantly pleading for diplo games. If Fizzer wants to attract and keep new players maybe he could spend less time worrying about updates and just make a diplo set up autogame with properly enforced rules. He could then market it as its own stand alone game on kongregate/armor games again and get a whole heap more players.

Or ban everything thats not a strat 1v1 and maintain the purity of WL.
Diplomacy set up.: 6/28/2013 04:49:12

Level 51
sometimes you have to realize piggy, without strat 1v1, there would be no 3v3 euro with alts, no 3v3 euro normal, no strat 2v2, no guiroma, no szeurope, life would be more dull on wargaming live events
Diplomacy set up.: 6/28/2013 05:00:36

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
Exactly, strat 1v1 is the foundation of all other decent templates and every good player's skills. I am not against those templates supplementing a players repetoire once theyre good at strat 1v1. In actual fact I dont much mind what other players play, the whole master race thing is tongue in cheek fun, and that includes the last line of OP. I think people have lost sight of that.

It doesnt sit well with me that a large number of new players are desperate to play WL (diplo settings) and Fizzer ignores or bans them, and the community is hostile towards them until they leave, having never bought membership, or told their friends about the game. Standard advice to new businesses is focus on asking your users what they want and then giving to them as fast as possible. Grow the user base and diversify the product.
Diplomacy set up.: 6/28/2013 08:36:06

Level 58
A new setting for games however would improve the ability's of Warlight much. A setting where you have to declare war one turn in advance by clicking a button on the bottom left corner menu and once doing so a box will open. Clicking on one of the names (names of players in game) would add a 'phase' at the end of you turn on which war is declared. The next turn you can then attack. Any player who has had war declared on them would receive a box appear when they look at the game, much like the surrender box that appears now.

This would allow us game mode creators to make more complicated, and more in general modes on Warlight. In the long run it could even allow for a standard diplomacy game on the games list.
Diplomacy set up.: 6/28/2013 14:41:01

Level 48
When i opened this thread i dreaded more diplomacy-bashing, luckily i was mistaken
+ 1

About auto-games, i 'm actually surprised that the ladder and auto-game use the (exact) same template, i would expect the auto-game to be more casual(easier) and the ladder to have more "expert"-settings, if it was up to me there would be a complete overhaul of the auto-games.

a diplo-game with 10-12 players seems appropriate to me,
the setting skunk940 mentions is probably a bit more work though.

@Fizzer, right now Piggy opens his mouth, but he didn't have to, diplo-games don't concern him, he just has a big mouth :P
most players on warlight don't have such a big mouth, yet you could make a thread anytime asking them things from "what do you think would be a good auto-game set-up" to "Who could create a tutorial level with airlift-cards" and they would reply

Or ban everything thats not a strat 1v1 and maintain the purity of WL.

go make a uservoice :P
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