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W.L. Slang Terms: 11/12/2014 01:50:01

Level 28
So in one game, I was messing around with one person, lying about my army income via exaggeration.

Then in one turn, that player typed in the term "u fr". Soon after, he then ended up surrendering. It was used in a negative context.

... What the heck does "u fr" mean?

Is it something, like "you for real", or "you faggert" (I'm being serious here)?

I'm stuck.
W.L. Slang Terms: 11/12/2014 01:56:34

Level 60
"u fr" could either be a derogatory term for guessing your french nationality, or he had a stroke and hit send by accident, and you're making fun of a dead man :(
W.L. Slang Terms: 11/12/2014 03:33:00

Ξ Nanaimo
Level 56
In real life it is an acronym for Union Froncophone. Basically he was calling you French, and he doesn't like French people
W.L. Slang Terms: 11/12/2014 03:57:54

The National Socialist
Level 54
Undressed fugly redhead.
W.L. Slang Terms: 11/12/2014 14:28:43

Level 60
It's a technical term, actually. He was referring to your exaggerated income
W.L. Slang Terms: 11/16/2014 17:17:40

Level 47
...lying about my army income via exaggeration.

that is so very funny sentenced
I would gladly accept a game with you
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