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Accepting Idle Players: Join Our Clan: 2022-06-01 17:44:48

Bring * back! ⌛sucks! 
Level 62
Do you wish to join a clan where you can discuss idle strategies?
Do you wish to join a clan which fulfils idle requests?
Do you wish to join a clan which is decent in Clan Wars?
Would you like the clan to be capless?
Search no more! Fahrenheit is here!
Most clan requests are fulfilled in 10 minutes! We have discord with elaborated Idle strategies. We have idle trainers willing to help you make the best choice! Active players in Clan Wars (>6 terrs/ season, 2-3rd place, currently our most active players help the Myth Buster clan)

1) Be active. Either join CW, chat on clan chat/ discord or fulfil requests.
2) Be polite.

How to join?
Send a mail to our main Idle Recruiter: https://www.warzone.com/Discussion/SendMail?PlayerID=1175704

We have also clan events/ strategic training for people interested in Warzone Classic. Small diplo and Single-player wings included.
Accepting Idle Players: Join Our Clan: 2022-06-01 21:39:37

Level 25
Not saying that I wouldn't consider joining a clan that actively welcomes idle players. But if you want to actually deliver on that promise, you should update your clan's rules. Especially Rule 4. How can I "discuss idle strategies" if I'm not allowed to mention idle without more or less being silenced (quote: "Sending Idle Requests or talking about idle will result in your chat messages being deleted."). That said, it's hard to imagine that a clan that currently tries to pretend that idle doesn't exist (at least that's the perception I have when reading your public facing information) would be a place where idle players feel at home. Or has that changed a long time ago but no-one just felt the need to update your clan page?

Edited 6/1/2022 21:41:09
Accepting Idle Players: Join Our Clan: 2022-06-02 17:00:57

Bring * back! ⌛sucks! 
Level 62
We might remove that rule in the future, it is there basically to soft-force idlers to move to Discord where chat is achieved and easily copiable instead of saying the same things over and over again in clan chat.

Edited 6/2/2022 17:02:01
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