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Rainy Day: 5/27/2022 13:24:19

Level 46
It's raining, and the sun is setting.
You're walking home without an umbrella.
5 minutes pass. Then 10. Then 20.
It is now night. The rain doesn't appear to stop anytime soon.
You're leaning on a lamppost, cold and tired.
You see a friend of yours coming towards you.
"This isn't good. I'll get you to my house. You need to rest."
You thank her and walk with her to her car.
She starts driving.
You fall asleep in her car from exhaustion.
You wake up on your friend's couch.
She has a worried look on her face.
"Please don't go out in the rain again, okay?"
"Call me if you need to get home."
For now, it is time to rest.
You have another work day ahead of you.
Rainy Day: 5/29/2022 00:22:36

Level 50
This short story reminds me of text adventure games. Nice one Anavasi.
Rainy Day: 6/12/2022 05:35:31

Level 58
The sun slowly falls down into the high-rise buildings of the city, whilst the rain falls violently on the brick and concrete streets.
You forgot your umbrella at home. You had the sheer faith that it wouldn't rain, but it did rained, and it rained a lot. As you were walking home, you laid your faiths on the rain would eventually stop, but minute after minute it continued.
You opened your phone for the raining map, and the rain was now spanning all the outskirts of the city and beyond. You have been under the heavy, acidic rain, soaked in water and exhausted. You found a lamppost to lean under, catching your breath, while the rain continue to fall, even diagonally, into your entire body. Fortunately, you saw a familiar figure walking with an umbrella towards you. In your eyes, she was the only hope you could see.
"This isn't good. I'll get you to my house. You need to rest." You knew her as a caring person that help people without words. You never believed the three sentences could move you so much you were only too tired from bursting to tears.
"Thank... You..." You said, shivering and faintly. You leaned into your friend, and step after step the two people eventually got to the car.
Your body is tired, you knew it, and after pulling your body into the seat and caught on the belt, you fell asleep.
The car started moving just before you blacked out from the sheer exhaustion.

Edited 6/12/2022 05:48:59
Rainy Day: 6/12/2022 11:44:21

Level 46
Amazing. This captures the feel I was intending but does it better.
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