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Idea: Team Stats: 11/9/2014 03:16:50

Sri Suriyothai 
Level 56
I just finished a 3v3 and was checking the stats, which are listed by player. I thought it would be quite useful to see the team as a whole, instead of having to sum up each of the team member's individually: territories controlled, armies deployed, attacked, etc.

This way it will be easier to determine the tipping point in each game.

Idea: Team Stats: 11/9/2014 04:32:05

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
Make a uservoice on it, you'll get my vote
Idea: Team Stats: 11/9/2014 05:08:10

Dutch Desire
Level 59
yea that would be easier than having to check every player one by one to see what the best team is.
But to see the team as a whole, is maybe not a good option.
If good/average players look to what the best team is to join then the teams will get more unbalanced.
To resolve this problem i would like to see a new team game option:

At the moment, you can set up a team game in two ways: randomly or manually.
I would like to see a 3e option: "automatic balanced"
"A option that divide the players automatically to teams with the closest average win percentage*."

A lot of players do not like Randomly determine team games because it makes imbalanced teams a lot of times.
A game where the teams are automatically divided into teams where the average win percentage* is as close as possible to each other, could be a solution for that problem.

*win percentage of the same game type(for instance: in a 2vs2 game it looks only to the win percentages of 2vs2 games).
Idea: Team Stats: 11/9/2014 16:45:52

Level 57
Orange, I think Sri Suriyothai is talking about post-game analysis. Either way though, both of your suggestions are very good (although dealing with different issues).
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