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Commissions for profile pictures!: 5/11/2022 22:51:11

Level 32

Hiya I’m TazD, the creator with a golden heart!

Looking for the perfect profile picture? Clan needs a banner or icon? Just want art in general? Look no further!

I’m a self taught professional artist and I’m currently doing commissions for the warzone community!

I use my unique style of cartoon design to bring some shine to the community! The art is hand drawn first, then taken to the digital world and given the TazD shine!

I can draw almost anything
-custom logo
-etc I’ll let u know if I can do ur idea

I won’t do anything…
-nsfw (obviously get the heck out)
-muscular (nope)
-robotic (exception if it’s a simple design)
-anything offensive(not trying to get murdered here)
-etc (I’ll always let you know if I’m not doing it)

I already have one happy customer Samelk (ask him in chat if your curious about his experience! It’s his current profile picture!)

I take robux as currency and only robux. (I love that game and I play it almost every day!) You can send payment through roblox.com/giftcard to my email for safe transactions! I usually allow you to choose how much you want to pay!

If your interested at all, dm here or email me at tazd100@gmail.com

Thx and stay TazD!
Commissions for profile pictures!: 5/12/2022 04:58:41

Level 62
So much for my dream of having a time travelling muscular robot violating time agents' work safety protocols during the Brusilov offensive as a profile picture.

Edited 5/12/2022 05:24:55
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