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A couple suggestions.: 5/2/2022 04:29:48

Sinister Knight 
Level 58
On maps like that 2v2 Europe map, there isn’t enough time to play the whole map. Would there be a way to have maybe each complete bonus extend your time by 5 seconds or something? So as you get more to manage, you get a bit more time to manage it with.

When you link a territory, or a bonus in game, could you make it so the cursor moves past what you linked? It probably sounds petty but it’s actually really annoying.

On a big map with many players, when you go into history, and manually move through the turns, all you see when you click, is “BUILD CITY” written all over the map, and it makes it difficult to see what’s happening with the territories. Could you make it so that it maybe stops in a different spot? Maybe right between the turns do you can see what is happening?

This last one is maybe a little lazy, but maybe it’s something easy to do, so I’ll throw it in.

When you use multiple recon cards in a turn, it can be hard to keep track of what you’ve exposed. So maybe a way to highlight what will the cards you’ve played so far will reveal?

Thank you for your time.
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