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Multilevel and Superpowers: 3/21/2022 15:06:35

Daenerys Yossarian
Level 51
Hi all,

When the SuperPowers ability it unlocked, it allows you to combine 5 of any power to create a superpower that gives you 10 times what the power would normal provide instead of 5 times.

My question is how does this apply to the Multilevel power? I noticed that the "10x" icon does not appear next to the Multilevel power unlike all of the other powers, but it seems to still let you click the SuperPowers button and use 5 at once? What's that about?

To be clear the reason I ask is because the "World Water Day" offer gives you 5 of every power, so I wondered how this would work for Multilevel? Does that offer even give you 5 Multilevels?

Per Comment Below SuperPowers does not apply to Multilevel, can confirm that using 5 at once just uses one Multilevel for the cost of one.

Edited 3/21/2022 15:45:07
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Multilevel and Superpowers: 3/21/2022 15:39:27

Level 25
As indicated somewhere Superpower DOES NOT APPLY to multi level. I can't tell you, though, what happens if you have 5 ML, activate Superpower and click on ML. Probably you activate just one for the cost of one.
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