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AI strength: 3/18/2022 08:52:27

Level 23

I am playing Warzone on/off for the last 7 years, but are definately not as skilled as many "full time" players.
Enjoy it very much and prefer the quick 1v1 on the Small world map.

I noticed that when I play single game against the AI, I can win almost every time regardless of my starting position.
But when I play against a real user, which most often has higher level than me, I often get crushed.
Is there any way to make the AI better, by the means of some Mod or something?
Either for the Web client or for the downloadable program.

Another question: Have the AI been improved over the years, or is it the same? I played quite a lot 2015, then again 2019 so
it would be interesting to know if there has been any improvements during this time?

Best regards
AI strength: 3/18/2022 09:06:11

Level 63

play this level as the Ai is not the standard one.

Edited 3/18/2022 09:07:16
AI strength: 3/18/2022 10:42:50

Level 62
When creating a Single-Player level, you can choose which AI to put there. Wunderwaffe is the "best" AI (even though it doesn't know many settings), still worse than a decent human player. Don't worry about the 8.72% winrate, people who play Single_Player are usually not decent in this game.

Edited 3/18/2022 10:42:57
AI strength: 3/18/2022 15:10:54

Level 23
Thank you very much for the replies!
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