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Flowers are bloo: 2/25/2022 13:13:14

Moses the second
Level 16
you smell of poo
Putin invaded Ukraine
I hope Florida is next
Flowers are bloo: 2/25/2022 13:48:30

Level 46
You didn't manage to rhyme the words right,
and this is what that I detest.
You should improve the poems that you write
and make these problems now addressed.

You need not listen to my advice now,
I'm only doing this to aid you.
But if you want to improve, this is how.
I really wouldn't like to argue.

(This is my attempt at trying to offer advice in poem form.)
Flowers are bloo: 2/25/2022 14:42:17

Level 58
America and Florida are far away
The armies cannot invade a single bay
Florida is hot, while Siberia is cold
To them, it's so hot, they couldn't hold
Flowers are bloo: 2/25/2022 21:05:01

Darth Grover
Level 52
Roses are red
Grover is blue
Hopefully he'll take
California too
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