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rise of rome: 2/16/2022 19:00:40

Pipe Major Lynn
Level 9
Has anyone ever gotten the Gold Star in Rise of Rome? I've tried it at least 20-25 times and have won in as little as 36 turns (normally closer to40), but can't conceive of how to win in 32. Am I using too many units to take out the 1st Generation (90 point) clones and the 2nd Generation (80 point) clones? I use about 175 armies to take out "the Man", 150 to take out the 4- G1 clones and 140 to take out the 12- G2 clones. Overall this takes roughly 10 turns after I take out the Man, and I don't have enough to take him out until turn 24 (at least). It's getting frustrating since each game takes a couple of hours to complete. Or is there a way to speed up the playback of the turns so that I just see the end result after I commit?
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