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|>SOLAR CONQUEST RP<| Rules + Info: 6/6/2013 21:29:29

Death By Cupcake
Level 7
The Solar Conquest Role play is a custom map that features all of the planets in our solar system. The planets are all different sizes, And consist of many different provinces.

It is a nations role play, So you will have a government type, News, Etc.

The year is 4095

This role play is also full of secrets and Easter Eggs..


1-You can not take another players territory without making a war declaration.
2-No god-modding.
3-Please try not to take every single Provence of a planet, Unless it is very small.
4-Don't be a jerk.
5-Have fun.



Mercury is a heavily cratered planet; its surface is similar to the surface of our Moon. Cratering on Mercury triggered volcanic eruptions that filled much of the surrounding area. Because of this, Mercury has many small territories, And much of it's
surface is uninhabitable.

Mercury's thin atmosphere consist of trace amounts of hydrogen and helium. Thus, Like most planets, Your solders and people will have to wear high pressure suits and
oxygen masks.

Because mercury is so inhospitable, The whole planet will only generate 1000 armies per turn.

What you can gather from Mercury-
A ton of silicate rocks per turn
A small amount of Ice per turn
A small amount of Iron per turn.


It is the hottest planet in our Solar System. This planet is covered with fast-moving sulphuric acid clouds which trap heat from the Sun. Its thick atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide. Venus has an iron core but only a very weak magnetic field. Because of this, You can live in all areas of Venus, But you will only gain about 750 armies per turn from the whole planet.

What you can gather from Venus-

A ton of Rock per turn
A ton of Iron per turn
A ton of Solidified Lava per turn


Earth is the only self-sustaining planet to date. Because it is in the 4000's, It's
appearance has changed.

Because of this, The whole planet will get you a whopping 100000 armies.

What you can gather from earth (In all areas)-

A lot of Silicon
A ton of Rock
A ton of Iron
A little bit of Diamonds

Earth's moon-

The commie rebels have settled here. The whole moon will get you about 50000 armies. But the commies won't give it up easy!

What you can gather from the moon-

A ton of Armalcolite
A ton of Tranquillityite
A ton of Pyroxferroite


Mars is slightly hospitable. This will get you about 70000 armies in the whole planet.

What you can gather from mars-

A ton of rock
A little bit of methane
A little bit of ice


Usually used as a war zone, This inhospitable planet will only get you 1000 armies in all. Because it is a gas planet, You can not build or settle here.

What you can get from Jupiter-

A ton of methane
A ton of iron
A ton of diamonds
A little bit of ice

You can not settle on Uranus, Neptune, or Saturn. But you can still concur it and get its materials. Each one will give you a bit of methane.


This planet is so cold and inhospitable, You will only gain around 950 armies from it.

On the bright side, It's full of liquid methane. A valuable substance.

The asteroid belt-

The whole belt will give you 10000 troops. Many people have come here because a golden asteroid has been found.

What you can gain from the asteroid belt-

A ton of rock
A ton of gold

I hope you enjoy my roleplay
|>SOLAR CONQUEST RP<| Rules + Info: 6/8/2013 11:16:33

Level 48
Did you make a template to go with it ?
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