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Balmbrz Unusual Behaviour?: 1/25/2022 08:45:46

Robert Gray
Level 4
So we’ve all come back from our bans, we’re engaging with the community. We have also apologised.

But this guy is coming after us in every thread? Leave us alone it’s even worse than what we were doing.

By his logic we are all one person, we are logging in and out of 4 accounts, we are replying to ourselves. Oh and that game that’s been going on for a few weeks with 7 school friends as players… yeah we’re logging in and out of them accounts as well???

So creepy you keep saying this stuff in all our threads when we are clearly getting on with everyone else.

I think someone’s just jealous because everyone I see is lvl 50 and above. You look very silly compared to them 😂😂😂😂
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