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How do I find decent maps I like?: 1/24/2022 14:41:13

Pile Driver 
Level 30
I am trying to figure out the best way to find some good, challenging maps.

I ran through the single-player and enjoyed a good number of those maps. They were setup in such a way that the template was matched to the map fairly well, and it was sometimes challenging. I'm finding it hard to find this anywhere else.

I have tried the Community -> Map of the week. I don't find most of these very entertaining because the template is always generic. I don't have any templates that I know might work on these maps. They typically either end up just being luck based on where the AI puts you in the beginning, or the maps are so big that with my rig that I play on, 1000 spot maps are too unwieldy. Is there a place where someone has actually dialed in these maps that I don't know about where a specific template seems to be the fun or challenging one?

Is there any other place on this site to find decent and challenging (but not downright totally impossible without getting lucky)?

How do I find decent maps I like?: 1/24/2022 14:43:54

Level 59
All of Warzone's maps can be found here: https://www.warzone.com/Maps
How do I find decent maps I like?: 1/24/2022 14:52:46

Level 62
If by map you mean map+template with AIs on it.

I believe winrate 30~60%, turns 5~20 and sorting by likes should return non-garbage if you look for smaller maps.

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How do I find decent maps I like?: 1/25/2022 09:36:00

Level 58
It literally takes IQ.

I once desired a big, diplomacy-bonus (one bonus per territory) Japan map, and that map was called...

"Todо̄fuken Diplomacy".

That didn't even have "Japan" in it!

And then there were only two Hong Kong geographical maps, and then I saw "Victoria Harbour" by Nikitan, which contained not much extra than what I wanted, and several other smaller isles in HK landscape for small games.

I understand, but it takes time, effort and logic.

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How do I find decent maps I like?: 1/26/2022 15:05:55

Pile Driver 
Level 30
Thank you. That site was exactly what I was looking for. Appreciate your help!
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