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Modded series!: 1/11/2022 00:01:45

Level 60
Hi everyone,

I'm Just_A_Dutchman_, mod enthousiast and author and i like to play modded games. I have noticed that modded games really slowly fill up, and I've been trying to solve this for a long time. One of the projects I started to tackle this problem is creating manuals for every mod.

I want to start a modded series of games where we play with various strategic mods / mod combinations just for fun and to allow for easy feedback on mods and templates to create appealing, strategic templates for the community. Together with this I'll be able to write a manual for every mod based on not only my own experience but also that of other players!

I haven't sorted the details out yet, but if there's a strong demand for a series like this I'll do this as soon as possible :)
If you're interested in a series like this you can leave a reply behind or if you really want to participate please mail me on Warzone or Discord.

link to the forum post with the mod manuals: https://www.warzone.com/Forum/593024-modded-warzone?Offset=0
If you want to contribute, yes please! With just me working on them it will take me at least 3 months...
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