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Revival of Divided We Fall!: 2022-01-07 03:44:55

DWF Cryptic
Level 58
Hey Guys! It's been 5 long years this clan has been Dormont, I am here today to tell you we have returned, and are ready to get growing! Meet some old and new players. I am hoping we are able to get up to 10 players in the next few months for my target. and from this, hopefully get involved in many areas of Warlight (Warzone). It would be amazing to have some chatty people get involved and see what we can do!

I have set out some requirements, as I am wanting to make it a competitive clan, but fun at the same time!

1vs1 Over (40%) (Ladder over 1700)
2vs2 Over (50%)
I do love Team players :)

We also have a ranking system in this Clan, which will form over time, and hopefully you guys will work your way up to whatever you want to achieve!

General of (Defense or War)
Roman Soldier

And finally a little story about us.
"We are the World, we try and work together to become a strong Family. This is not always possible, Factions leave us, which rips apart the Family, and dividing up the world. Which starts making us distrust each other, making us weaker. By that we will fall, with that being said, it is important we stand United to become Stronger and Overcome any obstacle.."

Send me a DM if you are interested!

Edited 1/7/2022 03:45:38
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