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shoutout to adrenaline: 12/27/2021 22:05:24

Jacoþ thε Restle§°ⁿ³ 
Level 64
adrenaline has been on a huge tear in QM small earth 1 wasteland. seems like he started finally playing more QM a few months back and everytime ive checked the leaderboards he is up another 30-40 points.

can anyone even challenge him in some "best of x games" format? i doubt it. but i would love to see a match between him and T] or HI ITISKOREA.

its too bad there are not more mechanics in warzone like this. i wish there was some crown someone could hold and be challenged periodically by a worthy foe. you could have a leader board with all crown templates showing the current crown holders and the available tournaments to play in order to be the next challenger.

whatcha think @Fizzer?
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