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unearned achievements list suggestion: 10/18/2014 16:10:07

Level 55
My unearned achievements list is quite boring:
Two achievements by playing from multiple platforms - I own and access only one.
Two birthday achievements - I can not speed up time.

So there is only one achievement left for me to hunt ingame, the other four stick and block the list.

Some day the achievement to defeat the friend who invited me (I have none, found warlight on a gaming site) will show up, then the list is completely blocked and useless.

Suggestion: What about at least one changing slot in that list, for example random seed changing with date. So every day a new challenge would show up.
unearned achievements list suggestion: 10/18/2014 16:49:00

Red Menace
Level 55
That's why we need new Auto-games for community maps and settings every week and then fizzer could make achievements for these specific games.
unearned achievements list suggestion: 10/18/2014 17:14:58

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
You can earn each achievement anytime, unearned are just a help to find some you might have missed.

If you want an (almost) complete list of all achievements, check mine
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