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Lottery Game?: 10/17/2014 03:32:02

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60

If one player (green) puts all 5 picks in Partha to get the juiced bonuses, and the other player would put first in Ctes, and remainder throughout the map, I think that position would eventually overcome initial income in the event green gets first pick.
Lottery Game?: 10/17/2014 03:39:51

Level 58
Seems a little bit like a lottery, but I can see why people would argue its not, because you could technically still beat the guy starting in Ctestiphon by skill. (If you weren't trapped in the corner.)

In my opinion though its a lottery.
Lottery Game?: 10/17/2014 04:08:27

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Are you really surprised by Dekker hosting a glorified lottery??
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