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Olik's Diplomacy Game - Rules: 10/14/2014 14:35:17

Level 53
Diplomacy rules - Read very carefully!
If you are not interested in reading the following wall of text, please do not join this game as these rules have a great impact on it. :)

Basic diplomacy rules as follows:

1. Before issuing an attack on a territory that belongs to another player, you must first declare war in public chat and wait one round before issuing attacks (i.e. war is declared on round 4, preperations for war on round 5, attack orders issued on round 6)
* A declaration must include the words "declare", "war", and the name of the player you wish to declare war on.
2. If you make a conditional ultimatum for war (i.e. if you enter that territory, we shall be at war!) it must be clearly understood by all players.
* If the ultimatum declaration is defied, the player who made the ultimatum must still declare war on the round in which the ultimatum was defied.
(Example: Player 1 promises war in case Player 2 enters Territory X on turn 4,
Player 2 enters said territory on turn 5,
Player 1 declares that the ultimatum has been defied on turn 5,
Player 1 then issue attacks on that round legitimately as he has already given Player 2 a chance to prepare).
3. Failure to follow the basic rules will make you Public Enemy. Public enemies must be eradicated at all costs by all who have a chance to attack them.
* Failure to oppose a Public Enemy makes you a Public Enemy.
* Public Enemies should not be confused with Enemies of the Realm (described later).

Rules regarding titles:

The 8 Amazing Sites on this map are very important to the game. Holding one of the sites for 3 rounds grants you the opportunity to claim a unique title.
The titles awarded for the amazing sites are as follows...

The Holder of the Mind Unboundariing Great Temple becomes Grand Abbot of the Monk Headland.
The Holder of the Styge Great Palace becomes the King of Styge.
The Holder of the Source Temple Complex becomes the Keeper of the Source.
The Holder of the Pyramid Huge Temple becomes Pharaoh of the Sleeping Lands.
The Holder of the Carnazia Royal Palace becomes King of the Carnazia Emerald Sea.
The Holder of the High Grounds Mighty Palace becomes High Lord of Ris.
The Holder of the Sky Wrath Great Temple becomes Lord of the Circles.
The Holder of the Senestrian Great Temple becomes King of Senestria and Corienore.

The holder of one of the 8 amazing sites can become a lord of it's respective territory.
The player that holds the site for three rounds, and has the support of at least one neighboring ally, can declare himself as holding the title that belongs to it as per the list above.
The player who claims the title must do so in public chat (i.e. I, Lord Olik, Holder of the Source Temple Complex, declare myself Keeper of the Source!).
Should a player declare himself in chat, all of his neighbours in the land in question should choose to either respect his new title or defy the claim.
Should you choose to respect a claim to a title, you should declare your support in public chat.
Failure to declare your respect for the claim can be interpreted as defiance if more than 1 turn passes without an answer.

Prerequisites to holding a title:

You must have atleast one neighbouring ally who publicly supports your claim.
You must NOT be a Mafia Don*! (i.e. hold a Mafia Don bonus)
(*Mafia Dons can still ally with title holders)
Should a Mafia Don attempt to claim a title, no other player should support him.
Should players in the region support a Mafia Don who claimed a title, he will be known as a Tyrant. Other title holders can never ally with Tyrants and everyone is encouraged to escape their evil rule and defy their title claims.
Should you ally with a Tyrant, you will become Public Enemy! You can still ally with Mafia Dons that are not Tyrants.

Benefits of holding a title include:

You will be the official ruler of your respective title's holdings (i.e. your 'realm').
You will be able to declare a player 'Enemy of the Realm'.
* Everyone who chose to respect the title should help defend the realm against an Enemy of the Realm.
* Enemies of the Realm should not be confused with Public Enemies and differ in that they do not need to be attacked unconditionally by absolutely everyone (only those who choose to follow the king who declared them enemy if they want to).
* Even if someone is declared Enemy of the Realm, others who wish to attack him must still wait 1 round. Followers of the titleholder can attack after 1 round without declaring since the Enemy of the Realm can expect it.
You can set whatever laws you feel appropriate within your realm.
You can rally your bannermen to war. (i.e. your allies that chose to respect your claim)
* If an ally chooses not to go to war after such a rally, they might become Enemy of the Realm should the lord of the realm wish it.
Should you hold 2 or more amazing sites, you will also gain the title of Emperor.
Should you manage to claim all of the artifacts within your region (i.e. get a whole artifact bonus), you will can claim to rule by Divine Right.
Other rulers should respect the Divine Right, but doing so is not tied into the rules per se.
Rulers with Divine Right can choose to form an official religion. Rulers that claim to have a religion before they achieve Divine Right are known as cults.
Religion has no impact on gameplay, but can be used for roleplaying and diplomacy.

Mafia Dons:

Being a Mafia Don means you are organizing crime in your region.
You become Mafia Don if you complete a Mafia Don bonus.
Players can still ally with you and you are not PE if you have a Mafia Don bonus, but you can never hold a title other than Tyrant.
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