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Qu Tang Qlan challenge.: 5/8/2013 16:15:45

Level 1
Q clan would like to cordially invite WM, Apex or Relite to a series of inter clan games.

We think the 3v3 and 1v1 ladder settings are a level playing field for our clans to compete on. Qi has asked that we include something more casual, which we will keep as a surprise.

We propose 4 games, a 3v3, 1 of Qi's games, 1 strat 1v1 with me and the last can either be another with me, or another with Qi. The 3v3 will serve as tie breaker should we come up 2-2.
Qu Tang Qlan challenge.: 5/8/2013 16:47:37

Level 55
Qool idea Qu.

Now the prestigious Q Qlan just needs one more Qualified player to do the 3v3. there are still 24 letters in the alphabet remaining to join Q. i and u are taken. contact Qu or Qi if you want in the Qlan.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2