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difficult settings-games: 4/29/2013 13:09:06

Level 48
Who of you are interested in difficult games ?
I mean games with strange card-combinations, teamwork, negative bonuses, high fog-levels or a complex map.

I usually try to make quite original games with some of the features described above, and then i set some pre-requisites, but the only pre-requisites i actually want to set is "stop people who don't read/understand the settings from joining"
this one is not available, hence this thread.

For your amusement:

A template that i'm working on right now:

A template that i played before i had a time of inactivity:

A template i stole(muwhaha):
difficult settings-games: 4/29/2013 16:12:50

Widzisz • apex 
Level 60
Nah, you didn't have to steal it, you are free to use my template anyway. Just add my signature there, or I will sue you.

Anyway, here you can check version 1 of my template:

One original template I remember right now, by ndcisiv:

Complete fog, many armies in neutrals, changed kill rate, some cards. Map can be different.
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