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keep getting booted because page does not refresh: 9/27/2021 18:57:13

Level 57
I have the same problem as this guy:


Also Win 7, Firefox. Also started happening only today. Any ideas on a fix ?

- I notice that on some maps I can process orders and move around the map just fine. But some maps are unplayable.

-If I push Ctrl F5 I can see the orders get processed super quick then the page reloads... only to be unplayable on reload.

-Also if I switch to another tab and back to the game tab, it reloads the game screen (not the whole tab) and sometimes processes where I had clicked while stuck, but then I have to click, and switch tabs to force process. For each click...

I hope this can help. I don't mean to moan, I would just like to get the game working like normal so I can get my turns completed before I get booted!

Thanks and regards

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keep getting booted because page does not refresh: 9/28/2021 02:52:52

Level 60
have you tried reloading the page before the boot timer ends?

also yea @loxiiv

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keep getting booted because page does not refresh: 10/3/2021 20:41:39

Level 56
I had problems the same as you describe as well Win 7 Firefox. I think the issue is Win 7. I upgraded and no more problems.
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