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Tricky Europe V2 in 25 turns: 9/23/2021 06:45:22

Level 44
I completed Tricky Europe V2 in 25 turns.
Check out my video https://youtu.be/TAnaOAq9b7U
Video has a detailed strategy.

I used a Sanction Card on Gadaes on Turn 7 (in effect for Turns 8-14).
On Turn 14, I invade Tingus against no opposition.

I lure and trap Durocortorum's large army at Colonia Agrippinensis on turn 19
Then bait and kill it on turn 24.

A miscalculation prevented a 24 turn win.

Other potential Sanction Card Strategies.
1. Turn 1 Sanction Card on Gadaes - This allows Qssonoba to take the Mauretania bonus on turn 8 and Gadaes can start fighting back. Entering Tingus is tougher, but the mop-up of North Africa is easier.
2. Turn 6 Sanction Card on Gadaes - This allows for an easier walk to Gadaes, but you meet a 22 army reinforcement at Tingus.

I won in 22 turn. I made a YouTube video.

Edited 9/24/2021 07:53:04
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