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Orders/Priority: 9/29/2014 02:15:45

Level 16
Hi, just trying to figure out what determines which player's priority goes first. For e.g. player 1 and player 2 want to take a neutral territory, they have equal armies and both set the attack as their first order/priority. Who goes first?

Another e.g. when player 1 is trying to run away from player 2 who is in an adjacent territory.
Player 1 sets first priority to run the opposite direction. Player 2 sets first priority to eat up Player 1. Does player 1 successfully escape, or does he get eaten up?

Orders/Priority: 9/29/2014 02:46:59

Cheery Dog
Level 57
If both players play order priority cards, they're both ignored as they cancel each other out.

As such it will go with whatever the settings for the game are. If it's random, it will be random who goes first.
If it's cyclic, it will alternate from the previous turn, which can be worked out who goes when from the game's history
Orders/Priority: 9/29/2014 04:21:27

Level 58

Warzone Creator
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