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Idea for WZ Idle: 8/29/2021 14:19:20

Level 59
This just popped into my fron.

Tie in the sale of metal bars into the daily spot price of that metal. Sometimes it's a little more, sometimes less.

By the way, (sorry to admit), I've only recently began playing WZI, and I like it. My mind is flooded with ideas everytime I cycle through, so please forgive my noobness.

I'm only up to Zinc, what other metals can I expect to see in WZI?

In case your are interested in this idea, go to this website.


Select your metal, ounce, pound, or ton and see results.
Idea for WZ Idle: 8/30/2021 18:15:47

Level 60
There are probably 30 or so ores once you get to later levels, most of which aren't on your site. eg chromium, lanthanum, unobtainium. even if spot prices for those things could be found, they'd have to be volatile, might mess with the game.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2