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Medium Earth Tour: 8/28/2021 18:49:05

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Level 62
What is Medium Earth Tour?
I competition between players. Play strategic 1v1 games on Medium Earth and Modified Medium Earth maps.

Which kind of games?
1/5 of games will be Strat 1v1, or settings similar to Strat 1v1 [Strategic 1v1]
1/5 of games will be settings inspired by Strat 1v1 [Modified Strategic 1v1]
1/5 of games will be Old Strat 1v1, or settings similar to Old Strat 1v1 [Old Strat 1v1]
1/5 of games will be settings inspired by Old Strat 1v1 [Modified Old Strat 1v1]
1/5 of games will be games on ME or MME [Special]

Who can participate?

How many games can I expect?
In the first season, there will be 10 double-elimination tournaments. 1.5 days + 5 days banked, unused time transfers to banked. Fortnite between tournaments. You don't have to participate in all tournaments.

How will the competition look like?

I will create double-elimination tournaments with following cycle: Strategic 1v1, Modified Old Strat, Modified Strategic 1v1, Old Strat 1v1, Special. I will invite anyone interested, you can decline (but you lose potential points). The winner will be person with the most wins against players. Tiebreakers are as follows: number of free wins, number of won tournaments, number of times in the championship, number of times eliminated one, two, .... game(s) before championships.

How can I join?
Post on this forum, mail me or join discord: https://discord.gg/jSWGRH9j

Which templates exactly will be played?
This is to be determined. So far I have made the following draft, but I would welcome if participants came up with their unique ideas too. Most templates on the list will also have to be tested. SR games will be on the board map, WR will be played on non-board map.

The first template will be Semi-Deffered Strategic 1v1. (https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=27848669 but on the board map)
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