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Ladder Facelift?: 4/12/2013 22:00:12

Level 55
What would make the ladders more exciting and lead to more players participating?
Ladder Facelift?: 4/12/2013 22:05:04

Level 50
I think everyone agrees there should be a Europe 3v3 ladder.
Ladder Facelift?: 4/12/2013 22:15:43

Level 55
My thoughts:

1. Change the 1v1 rating system (on other thread)
2. Require 15 games before being rated on the 2v2 ladder (beating teams rated below 1600 is too easy and if you play 5 games at a time to start you can ensure that over 6 of your first 10 games are against such teams).
3. Add a random team 3v3 Europe ladder (like what ps has done)
4. Play the 2v2 ladder on Heavy Earth (not bc I like it but bc I think it is something Fizzer is open to doing)
5. Add more statistics to the ladder ranking page and ladder team page (lots of people are motivated by chasing numerical goals: add more numbers to chase = more motivation = more participation…in ssports players and fans love talking and thinking about statistics)
6. Add an FFA ladder
Ladder Facelift?: 4/13/2013 11:18:44

Level 60
I agree with all of the above, though I would very likely never participate in an ffa ladder, not even sure how to make decent ranking system there. I talked with Fizzer recently about ladders and basically atm he is too busy with Android stuff. In the meantime he released CLOT and that is where the possibilities lie. Before the CLOT 3vs3 started I sent him a possiblity of modification of seasonal ladder that'd allow the use of 1vs1 rating system to rate 3vs3 games with random teammates (very easy to incorporate that into seasonal ladder). He said that if a CLOT-based 3vs3 ladder goes well he'd be happy to make it official with time. I will make a short poll among players about ladders.

p.s. I definitely agree with #5, highest rating, lowest rating, how long did someone stay at his highest rank, most active players list etc.
Ladder Facelift?: 4/13/2013 12:55:48

Level 55
cool stats i'd like to see:
- list of overall ladder winning % for all games (expired and unexpired) and all players (active and inactive)
- KOs (number of times you've eliminated someone) on profile page
- list of most 1v1 wins and list of most losses
- list of most games played (for all players, members and nonmembers)
- lists of ladder #1s and numberof ddays they were #1
- list of record and winning % vs #1s
- list of longest winning streaks on ladders
- list and links to longest games played (in terms of turns) on ladders
- average number of turns played in wins and in losses on ladder team page
- average cumulative luck in wins and in losses
- % of time the player gets 1st pick when picking
- ladder record for unexpired games (shown next to rating on home page)
- ladder record for (a) unexpired games and (b) overall ladder record (shown on ladder team page)
- ranking for overall ladder rating for all players and all ladder games ever played (min 40 games)
- yearly/quarterly/monthly ladder rating list of top ratings for each year/quarter/month

creating a separate tab on the website called 'stats' would be cool too. the more stats there are, the more people will think and talk about the ladders. this would also lead to more members and more active members. since i was able to read i have been obsessed with player and team stats in baseball, basketball and football. i couldn't imagine what it'd be like to be a sports fan if stats didn't exist. maybe it'd be as dull as the ladders' 4 stats: rank/rating now, best rank/rating. that's not enough!
Ladder Facelift?: 4/13/2013 14:22:04

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
one thing that could be extremely cool would be a yearly (or shorter) ladder ranking every year with a very big minimum games played to stop people from just playing 15 games.
It would take into account all games (expired or not) that finished that year
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