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Recruiting DnD Players / DM: 8/14/2021 16:52:21

Level 62
I'm wanting to make a DnD campaign in my clan, but we need a DM. Currently we have 1 experienced person who's willing to Co-DM and one person who's good with numbers that wants to be the DM. Other than that, we have another person who's played a couple times, and then there's me but I don't have any experience other than watching some ppl play.
Oh, and we're playing 5th Edition.

Plan is to go from 9AM UTC-5 to 1PM UTC-5 Sundays. They'll be short sessions as one of our players has a busy schedule.

If we have a DM from outside the clan, our party becomes 4 people, and I think that's good.

Edited 8/14/2021 16:53:36
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