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I'm officially back: 9/25/2014 05:23:44

Level 55
So, I've been back for a while... But I didn't feel like playing Warlight anymore so I hung. It was worth it, I went on a Mission Trip to Mexico(Very Humid), studied at LBCC University during summer school(Boring), rock climbing :), Camping A LOT, and then school started. But I got all the good teachers so I have nothing to do. Also I've been playing an awesome game called atwar: http://atwar-game.com/play/#m good game.

People in warlight first known me by my leadership in the Illuminati Clan, in-games, relationship of Leagues of Nations, and most of all 1st President of USW. I had a bad history in my profile, like booting rate only because I've been inactive for a while with tournaments, 1vs1 ladder, other games still ongoing. But most of all I'm a Normal Player.

I looked at my clan and I saw Sh*t. Things were a mess, Most of my very best friends left because of the clan inactivity, but I'm still glad some stayed. I hope to still keep in touch of those who left and those who are close to me before I left. I will take back leadership of the Clan and hope to improve

I'm officially back: 9/25/2014 05:37:43

Dr. Stupid 
Level 58
Welcome Back!
I'm officially back: 9/25/2014 06:00:26

The National Socialist
Level 54
I looked at my clan and I saw Sh*t
Haha, good job Lion :p

(I'm just fucking with you, lol)
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