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Group-think 1v1 Tournament: 4/8/2013 15:13:24

Level 55
Anyone want to play a group-think 1v1 tournament on the forum?


1. Make it turn-based: team a discusses their moves and takes a turn. team b makes no moves and instead uses a 100% sanctions card on team a (and vice versa so every 2 turns counts as 1 actual turn).
2. Card settings: start with 10 sanctions, 1 airlift, 1 blockade. You get a new sanctions card every turn with a successful attack.
3. No fog, pick a cool map that is fairly large (the bigger the map, the less influential no fog is).
4. Have someone do screenshots after each turn so we can play on the forum.
5. Have 2 puppets make the moves suggested by the 2 groups.
6. Have a draft to pick teammates for each group.
7. Each group must have at least 3 participating players.
8. Make the tournament as big as possible, so long as each group has at least 3 players.
9. All moves and turns must be based on what is agreed to on the forum.
10. Automatic picks. Each team gets to deploy base income once when not making moves before teams start using sanctions cards (ie, the first sanctions card is used on turn 3).
11. Cheating teams automatically lose a turn or the game itself (depending on the severity of the offense, as determined by a third-party group leader).
12. The groups will be seeded by me so stronger seeds face weaker teams early on (like in sports).

Anyone want to participate as group leaders (to pick your teammates and create the games)?
Anyone willing to take the screenshots so the games can be played entirely on the forum?
Anyone want to participate as puppets?
Anyone have an interesting template in mind?

Why I want to do this: So I can play games when I only have my cellphone.
Group-think 1v1 Tournament: 4/8/2013 15:23:57

Level 60
Why turn based? :( Fizzer once smashed me with those settings and from what I recall, there is hardly any recoverability from an unfavourable position there. Why not make a "someone vs the world" event? I could play the role of antagonist. Last time I remember Impaller vs The World was a very interesting event.
Group-think 1v1 Tournament: 4/8/2013 15:33:52

Level 55
- You say antagonist but think protagonist.
- Good point. Let's play it on Small Earth. The more like Risk, the more likely it will work.
- Do that too. Sze vs The World.
Group-think 1v1 Tournament: 4/9/2013 18:13:08

[WM] Anonymous 
Level 52
LoL Qi says what everyone thinks but no one tell
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