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Bugs: Selling items: 7/17/2021 18:56:34

Level 60
There seems to be a bug in the game when it comes to selling items. Once the value of the sold items reaches a certain amount, you get only less than half if what you should get. I think I have lost trillions this way. E.g. I sell 20 structs for a promised gain of say 60 billion but I only get 26 billion.
Bugs: Selling items: 7/17/2021 20:47:47

Level 25
Have you an Auto-Upgrader active? Perhaps some of the money is just immediately spent to upgrade an Army Camp/Hospital/Mine.
Bugs: Selling items: 7/17/2021 21:11:45

Level 56
I think Phoenix is right. That's what happens to me. I normally forget to turn off auto upgrade army camps when I sell tons of items. I'll expect to get x billion but in reality I get way less because it went ahead and upgraded my camps for me.

Edited 7/17/2021 21:12:23
Posts 1 - 3 of 3