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toxic player - {101st} kinnie: 3/29/2013 02:00:47

Level 1
When this guy realizes its close to impossible for him to win the game, he tells me that i have been playing to slow for him, threatens to make a forum post whining about it, then goes afk instead of surrendering like a real gent. Just want to make a post to parallel his he claimed he would make about me warning about how this guy is a bad loser. he went afk when i had 42 armies/turn and he could have only had 34. game would have been surrender-able for him in another couple turns.
toxic player - {101st} kinnie: 3/29/2013 11:07:24

Level 60
could you post a game link?
toxic player - {101st} kinnie: 3/29/2013 11:36:59

sasha grey
Level 54
toxic player - {101st} kinnie: 3/29/2013 11:52:48

Level 58
toxic player - {101st} kinnie: 3/29/2013 13:02:56

Level 37
u funny
toxic player - {101st} kinnie: 3/29/2013 20:05:32

{101st} Kinnie
Level 29
I'm really Sorry but I'm not toxic, a 1v1 should not take over an hour to get to turn 25!!

I asked if he could speed up or VTE as this was at 1am GMT. I wish i saved the game!

I left the game so he could just boot me, he didn't, so I booted him!

I'm not a bad loser, not in the slightest! I just expect and expected players to play with promptness, not 4 to 5 minutes per turn for the entirety of the game!

He played well, I told him he won and left the game and wasted time like he wasted mine, he didn't boot me for what ever reason.
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