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Attack Graphs: 3/27/2013 19:20:09

Level 58
Hedja here:

Why does it take so long for these graphs to create?

Usually when I use 2 defenders it is done in a second, maybe 5 at most, however in a 24FFA zombie match I was playing today, there was a blockade of 13662 armies. I wanted to break it to eliminate the player behind, and to find out roughly how many turns I would need to wait until I had amassed an army great enough of killing it in one go, since if I only damaged it, he would charge through the next turn into a small blockade and eliminate me.

It took 3 minutes for the graphs to load, and it was a 2 minute boot game. Fortunately the players left did not boot me, but the worst part was I couldn't even open a new tab on Firefox to try and do my turn, I slowly watched the timer go down to 0, with the percentage of the graph done still only at 60%.

I do have very awful internet connection here in London, but I was wondering why it takes so ridiculously long to run 1000 attacks, even though the numbers are so large. I would expect there to be a little wait, but it crashed everything, it wouldn't let me press escape so I could just commit my move.

Thanks for any help :)
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