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Warlight Mobile update...: 9/18/2014 03:01:44

The National Socialist
Level 54
(Since I saw no blog post mentioning this, I'll take it upon myself...)

What's New

-Added flags to player's profiles so you can see what country your opponent's are playing from.
-It's now possible to open game links from your browser.
-Improved the flexibility of banking boot times.
-No-split mode is now generally available.
-Many bug fixes.

Version 2.08.2
Updated on Sep 10, 2014

Personally speaking, I am so happy about the game links, as playing from a mobile device only can be devastatingly frustrating. Thank you Fizzer!
Warlight Mobile update...: 9/19/2014 05:03:11

[Wolf] {F} Kellen the Conquerer
Level 51
Warlight Mobile update...: 9/19/2014 09:19:15

master of desaster 
Level 65
Awesome! I love it that we have almost all posibilities from the computer on the phone too now. 2 points i would like to see

- in multiattack it should be possible to enter a certain number that moves to a spot, not only percentage (when you attack the 3rd from your 2nd terretory for example)

- and of course the tournaments ;)
Warlight Mobile update...: 9/19/2014 18:39:56

Level 35
id put forum so i dont have to go to my browser
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