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Mega server by me:An excellent place for fun!: 7/4/2021 10:37:36

Level 40
Mega server by Boka B is an excellent place for enjoying your life and having fun when you want to relax.
Word Chains and Parts ,
timeless classics!
General Discussion channel, discuss an endless number of things here!
World news, stay informed with your favourite server!
You can also discuss all kinds of games and TV shows here!
With NSFW you can feed your need for 18+ things!
Post jokes,memes,music,
pictures,videos,GIF - s,discuss dreams,animals, religion, scenarios or solve puzzles in your free time!

Look for useful advices on Everyday help channel!
Post your creations at Creative place!
Be properly scared at The Scary Room!
Join The Knowledge Exchange, learn something and help others to learn something!
And more!
The server has a small but loyal and growing community of lovers!

Enjoy the Mega server by Boka B!
Join it at:

Have a good day!

Boka B

Edited 7/4/2021 10:45:18
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