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Tricky Europe v2 Gold Star instructions: 6/29/2021 07:01:03

Level 34
Finally - I did it. This is a tough one and there aren't many tutorials around.

If anyone wants to know how:

Round 1:
- Play reinforcement and Sanction (Durocortorum) cards
- Deploy 2 to Rhegium
- First move: 2 from Cannae to Rhegium
- Remaining moves: Take Thracia from Tribus Gaetae. Take Syracuse from Rhegium.
You should restart if either: You do not take Syracuse, your partner chooses to attack Thracia themselves, anyone attacks your armies in Mursa

Round 2:
- Play reinforcement. deploy 1 to Galatia, deploy 2 to Mursa.
- First move:Take Bithynia before your partner does, and collect their 10 armies.
- Other moves: attack Salonae with 5 from Mursa, you can also move your armies from Syracuse up, Attack your partner in Scythia

Round 3: Hopefully your partner deploys all their armies in rhodope. Otherwise you may have to adjust your deployments.
- Deploy 2 or 3 in Salonae. Ensure your have 11 or 12 in Bithynia
- Attack your partner in Synopa (1 or 2 - the minimum needed) and take Byzantium with 10 from Bithynia.
- Attack tergeste with 6 (or 5) from Salonae. The other AIs in the centre of the map will have a little fight. Take Haemymontus from Scythia

Round 4:
- Play a diplomacy card for Gadeas and Qssonobia. This will slow down Gadeas' gathering of armies in spain.
- Deploy 1 or 2 to tergeste, to get yourself 5 armies there. Deploy the remainder behind tergeste, to try and defend and counterattack as much as possible. your main aim however is to take venetia.
- Attack Venetia with 5 or 6.
- You should also try and take Pontus from your partner. Your partner should send you armies in Byzantium and you may be able to add further armies in Byzantium from Haemomonitus.

Round 5:
- Deploy to Venetia, to ensure a total of 6 armies there. If you are lucky, you should be able to deploy the remainder around the centre of the map to take back land from the AIs there.
- Attack Taurasia with 6 from Venetia. Clean up Behind you. Move your armies from Byzantium to Bythina if possible, to maximise the stack there. It should be at 10 or 11.

Round 6:
- deply 5 or preferbly 6 to Venetia. The aim here is to block the inevitable attack from Cisalpine.
- Attack Aventicum with 1, and Genua with 4
- Ensure you counterattack Cisalpine last. you should take it back.

Round 7:
- You should have a stack of 10 or 11 in the east. The aim this round is to take Durocortorum!
- Airlift 10 or 11 to Aventicum. Deploy extra armies in aventicum for a total of 15. This will bounce the armies from Durocortorum.
- Attack massilia with at least 3, and attack as many other lands as possible in the italy/south france area. You should be able to clean the mostly up.
- Last move is the counterattack on Durocororum. Attack it with 4. Use any remaining armies in aventicum to take lands south.

Round 8: Deploy as many as needed to defend Durocoruoum with 20 or 21 armies. Put the rest in Lugdunum and Massilia.
- Take Narbo. Do not counterattack Leodium

Round 9:
- There should be 14 armies or so in Leodium watining to attack durocortorum. Defend Duro with 15 armies.
- Deploy the rest to Narbo and attack south.
- Counterattack Leodium with a few armies, perhaps 4

Round 10:

- There will be 6 armies waiting to attack Leodium. deploy to leodium to have 7 there. This will bounce them down and enable a counterattack.
- Deploy the rest in Tarraco and Take saguntum. You can deploy 1 or 2 behind the lines to mop up and neutrals.
- Counterattack Colonia.
- Do not move any armies out of Duro. Grow that stack for a later airlift

Round 11:
- Deploy as many as possible to Saguntum. Attack salmantica with 2/3, and 1/3 to Acra.

Round 12:
- deploy to Salmantica, and take Olisipio Preferably, leaving less than 10 armies there. If possible, and you have sufficient armies, also take Bracera. Do not hesitate, as Qssonobas 10 armies will move into Olisipio, so its better to defend against these than to have to try and take them.
- take Carthago. There will be a stack in the south of spain. You need to lure it up the southern coast - avoid it heading back to Duro by NOT attacking Hispalis this round

Round 13:
- Airlift from Duro to Olisipio - i had 45 armies to airlift. This will bounce back Duro, and you should be able to stroll in.
- Take Qssonoba, Hispalis and if possible Bracera. Conside rthe +10 in qssonoba when deciding how to attack.

Round 14:
- Move armies down to take Gadeas which hsould be relatively undefended. Move your other armies around the big stack, mopping up behind it, a technique you learnt against the boss on a similar european map.
- Start marching armies down from Duro, and move your armies from Qssonoba across
You may need to do some mopping up. Your armies from Duro should handle the oncoming stack eventually, you may need to use 10 from Qssonoba to defend it too.

Round 15:
- Ensure Gadeas is defended. Mop up, move as many armies into Hispalis as possible. At the end of the turn REMOVE all armies from Gadeas to Hispalis to draw an attack

Round 16:
Order priority card. Move all your armies from hispalis to gadeas. Bounce the attack, counterattack at the end..
Keep mopping up and marching down and across.

Now it should be plain sailing. Cruise through Mauritania. You may see large stacks in the south east, but you will have enough armies and 10 turns to defeat them

Do not forget - around turn 20, when you can afford it, move armies from DUro to Italy, to take Pisae, Aleria and Caralis

Your Last turn: also take Carthage.

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