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Personal Reference: 3/15/2013 04:27:00

Jack Wolfe 
Level 30
I wasnt sure where to place this, and I don't mean to intrude on the moderations team work, but I did want to come by and make a statement.

Dinansus is a member of my clan, the FCC (Fifth Column Confederation). He has reportedly been blocked for the usage of profanity and rude comments. He has admitted as much to me, but feels frustrated with the current system of reporting due to what he feels is the unfairness of its one-sided nature.

According to him, the player who reported him, who goes by the name "England" was verbally harrassing him at length, over the course of the match. He believes that this same "England" was the party who reported him when Dinansus responded in kind.

I am not attempting to suggest that Dinansus should have fallen to "England"s level, but I do not believe that Dinansus is the sort of player to lie about this.

The FCC prides itself as a clan designed by and for players who behave courtesously, in order to have fun. While each of us has lost our temper at some point or other (I certainly have) it is our goal to behave with dignity and some degree of sportsmanship. I admitted Dinansus because he fit that definition, and I still believe that he does.

As I said at the beginning, I am not trying to make an issue out of this, I simply wanted to come by and provide some degree of personal perspective to Dinansus's character. Din is a good player, who generally behaves well with others, both within and without the clan.

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to move if there is a more appropriate area for this post.
Personal Reference: 3/15/2013 04:49:33

Level 60
I don't see any unfairness in the system:

a) Anyone can report on anyone.

b) It doesn't matter who started it, only if you were in the wrong when you were reported.

c) And there is one simple way to avoid "the unfairness of the one-sided nature" of a rightfully reported ban: Not behaving like you deserve it in the first place.
Personal Reference: 3/15/2013 05:10:15

NoobSchool (AHoL) • apex 
Level 58
To add on to what ps said up there, if he feels like the other player provoked him or was also being on the same level, he should have reported him also.
Personal Reference: 3/15/2013 15:58:55

Level 49
I doubt they were calling each other names via pm so why not share the game-link so everyone can see what went down in public chat?
Personal Reference: 3/15/2013 18:12:46

[WM] แต€แดดแดฑ๐“•๐“ป๐“ฒ๐“ญ๐“ฐ๐“ฎ 
Level 59
I once reported a guy, who succesfully provoked me to reply to him in a "rude" manner if you know what i mean.. fizzer gave a warning to both sides, so I believe this is the case here as well. I don't think I was an exception. furthermore - you say your mate was "reportedly" been blocked - if you meant "repeatedly", then i think that your clanmate simply deserved it, at least until he learns to keep down his temper. Plus - i don't think you get banned for no reason.. most likely youget some warnings first - it's not that hard to correct your bad behaviour..
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